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Born 7th September 1981 - bred by Marianne Sundstrom

'Boogie' was purchased as a result of speaking to Birgitta Holm who had seen him as a wee baby and encouraged us to buy him. Having been much inspired by seeing the beautiful blue Nor Ch Blue of Blues, we were very keen to have our own blue boy and we placed him out on 'breeding terms' as we did not want to keep another male. We had a wonderful family who already had one of our puppies who were keen for a companion for 'Jack'  so it worked out very well and they took great care of him.


We were able to show Boogie and use him at stud. Unfortunately, he turned out to be badly affected with CEA when he was tested as an adult and we decided not to use him for breeding and we stopped showing him and instead let him just be the wonderful family companion that he was.

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