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Born 23rd April 1982 - bred by Birgitta Holm

'Frida' was a long awaited for puppy. Having admired Birgitta Holm's dogs for a long time and waited for a suitable puppy, we were very excited to welcome Frida into our lives and she grew into a stunning girl.


Unfortunately, she did not like the show ring, however, she had a nice litter to Nor Ch Lasheen Winter Bounty (a grandson of Sandiacre Softly Softly) from which we placed a sable bitch, Freelancer She Makes Me Shiver, out on breeding terms. Frida, as she was maturing, sadly decided  to be very persistent in 'taking on' our two older girls which never ended well. The repeated turmoil within our small Collie family was not a peaceful one and, in the end, we reluctantly decided to let Frida go back to her breeder.

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