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Born 5th February 1984 - bred by Barbara and John Blake

‘Purdie’ was our first import and royally bred from a combination which, when I learnt of it, made my antenna go haywire! She came to us causing havoc from day one, she was quite a live wire! She was a real character and kept us on our toes but she was a lot of fun to live with and never a dull moment was had - she even had a go at sledging (which we used for skiing) but she was not greatly impressed!


Purdie was slow to mature but achieved her title in 1987 winning BIS at the Norwegian Collie Club's championship show in Bergen. Her CCs were won under Rodi Hubenthal, Hans Lehtinen and Benny Blid.


We mated her to Nor Ch Corydon Augustus Caesar but she sadly had 3 stillborn puppies. We tried one more time and mated her to Int & Nor Ch Geoffdon Jonathan and we were hopeful as the scan showed 5 puppies but, unfortunately, she reabsorbed all of them.


However, she came with me to England in 1991 and enjoyed her retirement in the country where she was born and is resting in the orchard at Corydon along with her ancestors.

Purdie at her first show in Sweden under Mrs Doreen Clarke

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