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Born 22nd October 1994

'Grace' and her litter sister 'Wanda' were both retained from this, to me, very precious litter - after 'Zed' was born I did not think I would be lucky to have any more puppies from their dam but she produced a last litter of 6 puppies and I was over the moon.


Grace and Wanda were my 'insurance policy' to allow for the line I started with in Norway to, hopefully, continue but how wrong I could be! Life and nature had other plans... Wanda, who I in many ways preferred out of these two, went on breeding terms at 4 months as I could not keep both girls permanently but at 7 months came into season and developed pyometra and had to be spayed. Grace, very sadly, had to leave me at 15 months of age when I fell ill and was unable to look after my dogs myself but my good friend Henriette Hansen in Norway took her on. Unfortunately, Grace only went on to produce one live puppy, Breezdon Memphis Belle, who again did not have a live litter.


Sometimes things are 'not meant to be'... It is with some trepidation I decided to purchase 'Candy' (imported from Sweden), 8 generations on from Grace and Wanda's grandma and although not our breeding, she is one sentimental link to the past - maybe 'silly' but it's a small comfort of some kind...!

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