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Born 13th January 1994

‘Zed’ was a one and only child and as a result very much spoilt! Being so much cherished, his wonderful character developed quickly and he had a very gentle nature - he was simply the apple of my eye and he knew it! I just adored this dog - I felt lucky to be part of his life and to own such an extrovert character again after having known and loved his grandmother.

Zed was unlikely to do well at shows in Britain and after a lot of heartache went to live with a lovely retired couple in Shropshire who agreed to let me use him at stud. However, he did not settle and came back to me, this time for good, and in the end, in favour of my little 'blue boy' who was also stealing my heart by then...


He is pictured above at a year old and I had planned (in time) to purchase a puppy bitch to suit him as there were some beautiful bitches around at the time who I admired and bitch lines who I thought would suit him. I was hoping this  would allow me to carry on in England with the original line I started with in Norway.


Sadly, this was not meant to be as Zed was tragically killed at the age of four. It's still a memory I find hard to think about - sometimes there are no words that can describe a situation... I still miss this ray of sunshine dearly. It seems fate had it's final say!

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