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Born 22nd July 1986 - owned by Bodil and Bob Wilson

‘Maggie’ was initially retained along with her sister 'Nellie' although, due to space, she went to live with our friends Bodil and Bob (Macheather Collies). Her show career was short and sweet as she quickly became a champion, remaining unbeaten at the shows she went to. I was very grateful to Bodil and Bob who let me show Maggie.


Maggie went on to produce some very nice offspring in Norway before Bodil and Bob very kindly, and to my great relief, allowed me to bring her over to England. I was so extremely happy the day she arrived in Britain and even more happy when she went on to produce some beautiful puppies. Very sadly, her offspring in Britain escaped me one by one. She was first mated to Ch Corydon Gold Spur and produced a one and only child in the sable male Phreelancer Enuph Zed who I kept and spoilt! She later had another litter, to Ch Corydon Blackcat, but, unfortunately, the bitch puppy I kept had to go back to Norway (as I was unwell) where she produced only one puppy, Breezdon Memphis Belle, whose only litter was sadly stillborn. Another sister, who went on breeding terms, developed pyometra at 7 months old and had to be spayed. 'Zed' was tragicallty killed at four and a half, a day I will never forget.

Maggie was also destined to return to Norway, however, my mum took great care of her and she lived the last 2 years of her life being loved and cherished, which was all she ever wanted in life - I often think of her.

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